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Best: Web Hosting for Beginners Guide — WordPress & More

The number of websites rose to more than 1.2 billion in 2017, and their purposes run the gamut — from blogs on how to wrap the most efficient trout fishing fly to eCommerce giants selling the products we rely on every day. It’s more important now than ever for brick-and-mortar businesses to build a web presence, as upward of 20 million shoppers are online at any given moment looking for goods and services. And, if you’re a fishing guide who wants to share fly-tying expertise with fellow field-and-stream enthusiasts, it’s no longer likely you’re going to do it in print.

Not to worry — there are a number of hosts in the industry that deliver the tools and features necessary for web novices to affordably get sites online. Whether you’re looking to run a blog, a personal site to house your résumé, or a fully functional eCommerce business, there’s a provider out there to make your web dreams come true. Here, we’ll take a look at the top hosts beginners can turn to to power their visions and get their messages out to the masses.

Best “Cheap” Web Hosting for Beginners (Top 3)

In the 1990s, the internet began to take the world by storm. As someone who was in college at the time, I witnessed first-hand how the web was changing the way information could be disseminated and accessed. However, getting a site online was cost-prohibitive for most and mainly reserved for tech-savvy programmers and the businesses with the capital to hire them.

Today, the story’s much different. There are a multitude of hosts on the market that offer wallet-friendly plans aspiring webmasters can take advantage of to get their ideas and businesses online. However, don’t be fooled by the word “cheap.” Sure, we look at price when we rate hosting plans for those on a budget — but value is a more accurate way to view the hosts listed below.

These providers offer a winning combination of low prices and feature-rich hosting packages perfect for any budding site owner to get an online brand off the ground. Read the full reviews in the tables below and get the complete picture of how the top three recommended hosts for affordability can help power your ideas without breaking the bank.

  • 1and1.com
  •  Bluehost.com
  • HostGator.com

Best “Website Builder” Hosting for Beginners (Top 3)

“Healthy alternatives to hamburgers” — As a lover of all things burger and someone trying to watch his fat intake, this is invariably the first suggestion that populates whenever I put my cursor in Google’s search field. Looking through the list of results, I never seem to find the sandwich I’m looking for — not to mention a well-designed site that presents more than just cluttered lists of hamburger clickbait links.

Almost 95% of online consumers cite poor design as the main reason they don’t trust a website. So, it’s important that your online presence engages visitors in a way that keeps them coming back. But you don’t have to have a master’s degree in graphic design to construct a compelling website. The three hosts below offer the best tools that allow novice website owners to build professional-grade sites without the need to code.

These providers offer tons of templates covering an array of subjects and business types, as well as intuitive web builders with drag-and-drop environments that make site creation simple. Be sure to click on the reviews in the tables below to explore the beginner-friendly site-building features available in each of the top plans.

  • Wix.com
  • iPage.com
  • BoldGrid.com

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